Hand Built Wheels

Here at The London Bicycle Repair Shop we are proud to perform all wheel build jobs on site in our workshop. With many years of experience in cycling industry we have wheel build skills that you can trust.

In fact Vlad’s very first job in the beginning of his career as a bicycle mechanic was as a wheel builder. That was back in 2000 year when he started to work for one of Bulgaria’s most trusted bike build companies.

We know what is needed to build a strong and reliable wheels. We can hand build any kind of wheel, to any pattern with your choice of components.  On our premises we have comprehensive selection of spokes, hubs and rims and we can supply many more on request.

If you need an advice choosing the right wheel set for you, we are happy to help and share with you our knowledge so you can make an informed choice.

Hand build wheels are the ultimate upgrade for any bike.

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