About Us

The London Bicycle Repair Shop is a small family run independent bicycle repair work shop situated in the heart of Central London.

Two Bulgarian brothers, Vlad and Emil, work here side by side, sharing more than 40 years of experience with bikes between them, professional and passionate to their job!

No matter what job needs to be done, Vlad and Emil treat every bike equally and with respect. In the shop, they carry a full range of replacement parts and accessories. If your job requires a specific part or the item is not available, it can be ordered for you and delivered in a matter of days, so your service can be completed. 

The bike repair shop is open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday. You don’t need to book an appointment, just drop your bike in in the morning and they will aim to get it back to you by the afternoon (first come, first served basis)!

Vlad and Emil are looking forward to seeing you and your bikes!

The Beginning

In 1999 The London Bicycle Repair Shop first started out servicing hire bicycles from The London Bicycle Tour Company. Since then the repair shop has grown and developed and it is now one of London’s most trusted places for many cycling lovers.

Over the years many mechanics have been part of the team, some of them longer than others. All of them have helped to build up the reputation of the repair shop. Things started to change in 2009 when Emil joined the company. His hard work and professionalism paid with many excellent jobs done and to this day returning happy customers. Year after year more cyclists started to come in the shop for a quick comprehensive repair service. The demand of another experienced mechanic was getting high and to find one was not an easy job. If only Emil had a twin… Almost as good! He had a brother with more than 15 years of experience in the bike building industry. It took a while for Vladimir to take an uneasy decision and completely change his life by moving to England and joining his brother in early 2014. And that worked well for everyone!

That could not stay unnoticed! Year by year, more customers started coming to the repair shop noticing their hard work and effort. Slowly but steadily, the business kept growing. 

2020 brought a big change for the brothers as they now not only manage the business but also own it. 



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