Safety Check-£50.00

This is designed for people who have bought a new bike or if the bike does not need any new parts to be fitted.


  • Frame, Fork ,Wheels and Tyre checked for damage and wear
  • Brakes and Gears Adjusted
  • All Nuts and Bolts Checked
  • Chain Oil and Tyres inflated

Basic Service – £80.00


• Step 1: Consultation with you, discussing any particular problems that you might be having with the bicycle. Discussing different part options that might be required to complete the service. Making an estimate which will need your approval and then starting with the job.

• Step 2: Remove any parts to be replaced.

• Step 3: Fit any new parts – (Excluding bottom- bracket and headset)

• Step 4: Check and adjust gears.

• Step 5: Realign brakes and adjust.

• Step 6: Headset checked and adjusted

• Step 7: Lube/oil brake levers shifters and chain.

• Step 8: Pump up the tyres.

• Step 9: Check Crank bolts, Pedals, Stem bolts, Seat bolts, Dropout.

• Step 10: Hubs Adjustment

• Step 11: Washing an Cleaning Wheels

• Step 12: Wheels check and alignment on the bike

 Basic Service Additional Labor Cost If Necessary


•De-greased/Cleaning Full Drive Side – £40.00
(chain, cassette/freewheel, chainset and derailleurs) 

•De-greased/Cleaning Chainset, Front and Rear Derailleurs- £20.00

( excluding cassette/freewheel and chain) 

•True wheel – £20.00
(on truing stand per wheel) 

•Hub Service – £20.00
(front hub) 

•Hub Service-£30.00

(rear hub)

•Bottom Bracket Service – £30.00

•Headset Service – £30.00

•Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleeding – £25.00
(per brake) 

•Brompton Hinge Kit Replacement –


Best Service Cost – £180.00

•Step 1 to 12

•Step 13: Remove both wheels and any parts to be replaced.

•Step 14: Remove Bottom Bracket. Clean and check threads in the frame.

•Step 15: Take the bicycle to our washing area, cleaning the frame, parts and wheels.

•Step 16: Dry and polish bicycle frame and parts.

•Step 17: Headset service (if applicable)

•Step 18: Hubs Service(if applicable)

Step 19: Disc Brake Bleeding(if applicable) 

Bike Build

•Single Speed Build – £150.00

• Standard Build Mechanical Brakes – £220.00

•Standard Build Hydraulic Brakes- £250.00

•Electronic DI2/EPS/ETAP Build – £250.00

•Time Trial Build – £300.00

Any new parts fitted to the bicycles during the servicing will be charged at normal retail prices. If it’s a larger item(more then £10) we will always discuss this before going ahead and fitting the parts. You don’t have to have a complete service when you bring your bicycle to us. We are happy to complete jobs on demand.

All prices include VAT.

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