Basic Service – £60.00


•Step 1: Consultation with you, discussing any particular problems that you might be having with the bicycle. Discussing different part options that might be required to complete the service.

•Step 2: Remove any parts to be replaced.

•Step 3: Fit any new parts – (Excluding bottom- bracket and headset)

•Step 4: Check and adjust gears.

•Step 5: Realign brakes and adjust.

•Step 6: Headset checked and adjusted

•Step 7: Lube/oil brake levers shifters and chain.

•Step 8: Pump up the tyres.

•Step 9: Check Crank bolts, Pedals, Stem bolts, Seat bolts,Dropout.

•Step 10:Hubs Adjustment

•Step 11:Wheels check and alignment on the bike

 Additional Labor Cost If Necessary


•Degrease Drive Side – £30.00
(chain,cassette/freewheel, chainset and derailleurs) 

•True wheel – £9.00
(on truing stand per wheel) 

•Hub Service – £10.00
(per hub) 

•Bottom Bracket Service – £12.50

•Headset Service – £14.00

•Hydraulic Disc Brake Bleeding – £12.50
(per brake) 

•Brompton Hinge Kit Replacement –


Best Service Cost – £120.00

•Step 1 to 11

•Step13: Remove both wheels and any parts to be replaced.

•Step 14: Remove Bottom Bracket. Clean and check threads in the frame.

•Step 15:Take the bicycle to our washing area, cleaning the frame,parts and wheels.

•Step 16: Dry and polish bicycle frame.

•Step 17: Headset service (if applicable)

•Step18: Hubs Service(if applicable)

Bike Build

•Single Speed Build – £130.00

•Standard Build – £160.00

•Electronic DI2/EPS/ETAP Build – £220.00

•Time Trial Build – £220.00

Any new parts fitted to the bicycles during the servicing will be charged at normal retail prices. If it’s a larger item(more then £10) we will always discuss this before going ahead and fitting the parts.You don’t have to have a complete service when you bring your bicycle to us.We are happy to complete jobs on demand.

All prices include VAT.

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