Labor Price List


 • Fitting New Tyre                                 £9
(Per Tyre)

 • Puncture Repair                                 £9

 • Puncture Repair                                    £15
(Hub Geared Bikes with Full Chain-Guard)  

• Puncture Repair E-Bike                       £15

 • Fitting Tubless Tyre                            £20
(Per Wheel)

 • Wheel True                                            £19
 (Plus £1.00 Per Spoke Replacement)

• Wheel True                                             £20
(Hub Geared Bikes with Full Chain-Guard)

• Fitting New Front Wheel                       £15

• Fitting New Rear Wheel                        £20

• Wheel Build                                             £45
(Per Wheel)                 

• Hub service                                            £20

• Hub Gear Service                                   £50


 • Brake Cable Fitting                               £15
(Front or Rear)

 • Brake Pads Fitting                                £15
(Front or Rear)

• Brake pads and cable fitting                £20
(Front or Rear)

• Brake Pads Fitting                                 £20
(Front and Rear)

• Brake Adjustment                                  £20
(Inspection and Adjustment)

• Hydraulic Brake Service                       £25
(Per Brake)
(Inspection, adjustment, bleeding and fitting of parts where required)


• Gear Adjustment                                   £15
(Front or Rear)

•Gear Cable Fitting                          From £18
(Front or Rear)

• Gear Adjustment                                   £20
(Inspection and Adjustment, Front and Rear)

• Gear Service                                           £60
(Inspection, Cleaning Drive Train, Adjustment and Fitting Parts Where Required)

Bottom Bracket Service

• Bottom Bracket Service                       £25
(Removal,Inspection and Re-Facing, Re-Tapping and Fitting)

                             Headset Service                        

Headset service                                      £28

(removal,inspection and fitting)

Handlebar Replacement

Road Bikes Drop Handlebars             £25

(Includes Bar Tape Fitting)

Flat,Bullhorns,ATB Handlebars          £15


• Full Mudguard Set                                 £20

• Fitting Dynamo Lights                          £25

Accessories purchased from us fitted free of charge (except full-length mudguards).

This is Labour only price list any parts will be extra.
We are happy to complete small jobs on demand, repairs will be charged at an hourly rate of £60/Hour

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