Custom Made Bikes

Here at The London Bicycle Repair Shop we have a passion for bikes. We know and appreciate all the benefits from cycling – keeps us fit and healthy, saves us commuting costs, saves the environment, improves our mental health just to name a few.

It is fine to ride a standard built or pre-built bicycle but the pleasure of being on customized for you bike is beyond the words.

That’s why we ask you: Do you have a dream bike? One that will reflect your personality, taste and needs? Unique and remarkable?

If ‘Yes’ please wait no more! Our hands are itching to make your dream come true! 

All you need to do is to come to the shop for a little chat, share with us how you imagine your bike, your needs and preferences, your budget and we will give you at least a few options to choose from. Once all the details are discussed and the idea is polished and completed, we will create an Invoice that will be send to you for approval. When we officially have a green light from you, we will then order all parts needed. As soon as we get the parts the moment of true will be so close. Usually within a week your new extra special bike will be ready to take you on a ride!    

Your vision in combination with our experience, know how and hard work will result in an amazing, unique, one of a kind bicycle! Just go on it, ride and enjoy!


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